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I'm back...And almost nothing got read!

After a tiny amount of drama generated by my new updated passport messing with my visa status, I'm home from an amazing holiday in New Zealand.  I take nothing away from Australia when I say this, but New Zealand rocks!  It was amazing.  We were in Queenstown and I'll bore you all with just two photos:  sunrise from the house we were renting:



and, of course, the main reason we went to Queenstown in June (winter):

taken from the car, so it's a little blue tinged from the window


The highlight of the trip though, was a day trip MT and I took to Te Anau to see the glow worm caves.  It's unbelievably well done from start to finish - they take you on a boat tour across the lake (which on the day was heavy with snow clouds and the scenery looked like Mordor) to the island where the cave system begins, which is beautiful.  Once you're in the caves, you walk for a bit along the underground stream until you come to a grotto where the bulk of the glow worms are.  From there it's by boat in pitch, absolute blackness, and suddenly the glow worms... You're forbidden from taking any photos or videos in the caves, but here's an official image that gives you an idea:



Magic.  It was magic.


Anyway, as predicted, I got almost NO reading done; I read, but I kept skipping around and putting down one book to start another.  I'm almost done with Platypus but otherwise, I'm still where I started last week and have a lot of catching up to do.


Hope everyone here had a great week!  :)