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How to: Which edition have I shelved? (A Quickie)

The question has come up of how to tell which edition of a book is on your BookLikes shelves.  


This tutorial focuses specifically on the "other editions" page, which can be accessed from any book's page.  It's in the upper right corner and says "other editions (#)" where #=the number of other editions in the database.


Now this is not immediately obvious, and perhaps BL could make it another color or something in the future, but the book edition that is shelved is marked by the status you've applied to your book:



A quick guide:

+ SHELF - this edition is not on your shelves.

READ - you've marked this edition as Read

PLANNING - you've marked this edition as "Planning to Read"

CURRENTLY - you've marked this edition as "Currently Reading"

ON SHELF - this is a catch all status:  it means you've either shelved the book under a custom made exclusive status (i.e. Reference, or Cookbooks), OR you've removed a book from all your shelves without deleting the book from all your shelves.  It's possible to do this, yes, but it won't be covered here, because I don't have time this morning to put it all together.  


Hope this helps!