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Walking on My Grave (Death on Demand, #26)

Walking on My Grave - Carolyn Hart

One of the weakest in the series, I think.  I liked the concept: preventing a murder taking place, but, well, for the first time, it feels to me that Hart has phone one in.


I don't think it's an exaggeration to say a full 30% of this book consists of the repetition of plot summary in the form of multiple POV introspections.  The reader with the weakest of comprehension skills would have found this overkill and I was quick to lose patience with it.  The ultimate solution wasn't all that stunning a revelation either; and the justification for one of the murders (they're trying to prevent one, but there are others) was weak and felt tacked on in order to up the body count.


Also, as a general, series-wide aside - I don't ever want to read about Max Darling being Joe Hardy all grown up, ever again.  Hart's editors should ban her from continuing to abuse this nugget; it's always shown up in every book, but in this book no less than 3 times.  Please let it stop.


I'm sounding a bit snippy, but after 26 books any author is more than entitled to have one book that fails to live up to expectations; it's probably statistically probable.  But I do have to wonder how much longer she plans to keep our daring duo going.






Total pages:  246

$$:  $3.00