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The Witch and the Dead (Witchcraft Mystery, #7)

The Witch and the Dead - Heather Blake

These are always good fun: sweet without being sticky, sentimental without being sappy and the mysteries always well thought out.


As Darcy is moving out of her Aunt Ve's house into her own, Aunt Ve takes the opportunity to clean her garage out and finds a dead body: ex-husband #2 (Aunt Ve likes men) who disappeared the day after the elopement 30 years before.  Seems he never really left Aunt Ve (garage was used for storage, detached from the house, and Aunt Ve traveled extensively after he 'left' - for those wondering about the smell, flies, etc).


I'm not even going to bother touching on believability; the premise is a village full of magical witches so really, why bother?  But Blake does create believable characters; magic or not, these are real people and she makes it so, so easy to become invested in their lives. The mystery plot is well crafted too, and heartbreaking in its way.


It's a cute story and series, but it's a solid one and I'll keep on reading as long as Black keeps on writing.