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 After going through all my fiction books looking for monuments on the covers, or looking for signs of an American road trip, I spied MT's old copy of The Pelican Brief by John Grisham, which came up recently in the comments for the list Tannat is putting together for another square.


I've read The Pelican Brief several times but not for at least 10 years and I could have sworn one of the editions had a monument on its cover, even if mine didn't.  Then, reading the back of the cover I got this:


"... hired killers chasing after her, that will propel her across the country ..."


Ring-a-ding, we have a winner!


The Pelican Brief - John GrishamTwo Supreme Court Justices are dead. Their murders are connected only in one mind, and in one legal brief conceived by that mind.

Brilliant, beautiful and ambitious, New Orleans legal student Darby Shaw little realises that her speculative brief will penetrate to the highest levels of power in Washington and cause shockwaves there. Shockwaves that will see her boyfriend atomised in a bomb blast, that will send hired killers chasing after her, that will propel her across the country to meet investigative reporter Gray Grantham, the one man who is as near the truth as she is.


Pages: 371


PS: I wasn't wrong about the monument either, just in case anyone else needs an idea for this space.  This edition The Pelican Brief has the White House on the cover.