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You know it's going to be a bad month when... OR MAYBE NOT!



MT is not a patient person and when he came home last night he was talking about tearing out the plaster wall, which of course wasn't gonna happen, but after much discussion and consultation with a mechanically inclined neighbour, I conceded that cutting out a small section of floorboard might be an option.


Which he did this morning - only to find nothing there.  It didn't even smell down there!  I was expecting this (because I'd already convinced myself it was in the wall) but MT didn't take the lack of discovery well.  He started poking around the phone and electric outlets (power off) and... he found it.  Wedged behind the phone outlet in the wall.


A rat, as suspected.  There are pictures which I will not inflict on anyone, but it's gone.



Within the hour, 90% of the smell is gone.  Floors have been mopped, which helped a little more.  Everything is out of the room, and I'll still be washing clothes until armageddon, but hopefully we'll be able to move back in to it in a day or two.





...something dies in your wall.


Your solid stone, brick-fronted, 125 year old wall.


Your solid stone, brick-fronted, 125 year old bedroom wall. Behind your bed.



If you've never experienced the concentrated hell that is a dead animal decomposing in an enclosed space, I can only liken it to a skunk mixed with rotten eggs.  If you've never smelled a skunk before, I got nothing - there is nothing, nothing as bad as the smell of decomposition.


We've had two different companies come out and both have said the little bastard is completely inaccessible, which means we have to wait it out.  4 weeks, or as one inappropriately cheerful guy said "or, you know, if this cold weather keeps up, could be 6 weeks".


We live in a charming little historic house that has 3 rooms - 4 if you count the bathroom.  So it's not like we can just move into the guest room.  My "library" is so small you can't actually fit a double-sized mattress in it and be able to walk.  With 3 cats and 3 chickens, moving elsewhere isn't an option, so we're camped out for the duration in our lounge/living room, on our air mattress (which, thank the stars, is electric).  Once again I'll be piling up the miles on my washing machine, since everything in the bedroom is saturated with eau de rotting rat.  (We're assuming it's a rat, because there isn't anything else small enough, or ornery enough, to wedge itself into so small a space and die.)


Sorry, just had to whine and whinge a bit.  After the great bird-mite debacle, I'm a little bit