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The Name of the Rose - Umberto Eco

Well.  Day 5 was a humdinger.


Eco found his groove in day 5; he managed to squeeze in a brawl among monks (which was hilarious, another dead body, a witch, two heretics, the missing book, which was found, then lost, then found, then lost, then found again, only to be lost again and finally an inquisitional trial capped off with a recitation of the book of Revelation, disguised as a eulogy.


All this plot development might lead one to believe that Eco finally got all the soliloquies and monologues out of his system, but one would be wrong.  Eco is a multi-tasker! He juggles fast paced, mysterious developments with mind-numbing exposition and I'm betting at this point he can do it one handed with his eyes closed.


I'm teasing (mostly), as things are moving at a decent clip now - they'd have to be, there's only two days left! 


But I gotta admit, I'm not sure I'd have wanted to find myself cornered by Eco at a cocktail party.