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Jeeves and the Impending Doom

Jeeves and the Impending Doom and Other Stories - P.G. Wodehouse

This is one of the little Pocket Penguin editions that contains two of Wodehouse's Bertie and Jeeves short stories.  Bertie and Jeeves is a little bit hit-and-miss with me; some of them come off hilariously but some feel like they go too far in relying on outright stupidity for the comedy.


Both of these stories veered towards the latter; they were both amusing, with Jeeves, as always, coming out on top.  In Jeeves and the Impending Doom he gets a bit of revenge on Bertie too.  


Jeeves and the Song of Songs was the winner for best dialogue; the exchange between Bertie and Aunt Dahlia made me chuckle.


Wodehouse is pretty much always on my TBR in some form or another because he can always be counted on for excellent and lighthearted writing.