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Phantom Kiss (Chicagoland Vampires, #12.5)

Phantom Kiss - Chloe Neill

After realising my last read was a DNF, this is what I grabbed from my iBooks app.  I love the Chicagoland vampire series; its books are always fun and the snark factor is high.  It's my love for the characters that got this short novella the third star.  Otherwise, the editing was non-existent; at one point the MC tries to share the important (to the plot) information that their house had no ghosts, but thanks to the editor that wasn't there, actually says that they did.  There was also zero mystery about who the grave robber was; the plot was transparent from go to woe*.


I still enjoyed it though; again, strictly for the characters.  The book coming out in April is the last one; so I'll take all the Ethan, Merit, Catcher and Mallory I can get.  


(* go to woe - Aussie slang of the day, meaning 'beginning to end')