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Christmas + Book Sale = The Perfect Storm

After a lot of convincing that buying me books (they buy them for everyone else) would really, truly be my idea of the best gifts ever, my family came to the party in a big way; I got books from everyone.  MT bought me several, wrapped them, and then hid them in my library for me to search out on Christmas morning.  Diabolically fun!


Then there was the sale.  One of our local bookshops only sells remainders so it's bargain pricing to start with, but they've lost their lease and haven't found another one yet, so they put everything in the store on massive discount on Boxing Day.


The result was the perfect storm of book hauls.  I wasn't going to post this at all because I'm a bit embarrassed about my bounty, but here it is, and please keep in mind it was a really good sale!



There was a definite atlas theme to my holidays this year, MT also got me a 2000 piece puzzle of the world.  :)


I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and for those celebrating Hanukkah, I hope you're having a fabulous celebration!