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The Completely Superior Person's Book of Words

Completely Superior Person's Book Of Words - Peter Bowler

I love this.  It's not at all what I expected, but it's better.  What I was expecting was a narrative of larger words and their meanings but what I actually got was a dictionary of big words, with definitions meant to be witty and sarcastic, with usage suggestions for making you look pompous and as the title promises, superior.  It's hilarious.


An example from just randomly opening a page:


Infundibular: a.:  Why say 'funnel-shaped' when you can say 'infundibular'?




nugatory: a. Of no value, trifling, insubstantial, pointless.  Unfavorable criticism of the present book could properly be so categorized.


or lastly: 


ponophobian. A morbid dread of work. Think about it.  A civil servant could get a whole lifetime's sick leave out of this.


These aren't even the best ones - just the first ones I found while writing this.  It's fun, it's educational and it was a wonderful surprise on the sale table.