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A Thousand Days in Tuscany

A Thousand Days in Tuscany: A Bittersweet Adventure - Marlena  de Blasi

I think at this point there must be a whole genre/category built up around people who chuck it all and move to either Italy or France, live in run-down, dilapidated houses, discover la dolce vita and then write books about it.  I am their target market.


This is a follow up to her previous book A Thousand Days in Venice which I have not read, and it works fine on its own.  The writing is philosophical, sometimes overly so, and occasionally florid, but overall it's engrossing.  There's a definite air of self-satisfaction that almost crosses over into smugness, but doesn't; the narrative isn't about the author finding her bliss - she's already done that - but more about her awareness of her bliss.  It works better than it sounds like it should, although probably not as well as it could have.


The subtitle of this book is A Bittersweet Adventure and it is rightly titled (although it's not a thousand days, but merely a year, so maybe not).  I won't say more because I'd hate anyone considering this read to stumble on to this review and be spoiled.


Not sorry to have read it at all, even if others have appealed to me more.