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A Toxic Trousseau (Witchcraft Mystery, #8)

A Toxic Trousseau - Juliet Blackwell

I can always count on Blackwell for an entertaining read; I think of all the books of her's I've read - 3 series and 1 stand alone - I've only ever read one bomb, and it wasn't this one.


Lily's got a lot going on this time; she's been left temporarily as the in-charge witch of San Francisco, left to arbitrate disputes between other witches in Aidan's absence; her friend Bronwyn is celebrating her birthday with an overnight party at the notoriously haunted Rodchester Mansion (a thinly veiled homage to the Winchester Mansion) and she's being sued and when she goes to speak with the plaintiff she drops dead at Lily's feet.


I wouldn't argue that the narrative flow of this one felt a bit more scattered than previous books, but these characters are so familiar to me that it was easy to overlook.  The mystery was good and cleverly plotted, but as a seasoned Blackwell fan the culprit was obvious.


Blackwell seriously loves making senior citizens murderous.


The ending though, it was pretty sweet and more than made up for any possibly plot weaknesses and Blackwell has be seriously looking forward to the next book - Grandma's coming to town!


I'm using this book for my Scary Women (Authors) square in Halloween Book Bingo.  Juliet Blackwell has written 3 series, two of which involve witches and ghosts.  Her other series, Haunted Home Renovations includes a few books that have scared the bejeezus out of me.  :-0