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Happy Anniversary to me!

Today, three years ago, I joined BookLkes as part of a mass exodus from GoodReads, searching for a place that allowed for a more reader-oriented atmosphere.


Let me tell you though, I signed up with the most pessimistic of attitudes:  I was not a blogger; I just wanted to track my reading, connect with people who enjoyed the same books and find new ones.  Still, I figured I wouldn't blog, I'd just post my reviews and lurk.


An odd thing happened: I fell in love with this place.  Hard.  At first it was the enthusiasm of the BookLikes team (*ahem*), and I was embarrassingly giddy about Thursday treats (may they not RIP, but haunt the BL team forever).  But I was still feeling pretty pessimistic; how long can anyone remain engaged when the only discussions take place in post comments?  


Then we got groups and we were all ecstatic... and kept discussing everything in the comments of posts.  And I loved this place because I was part of such an incredible community: this place has no egos, just really fabulous people who love to read and talk about books.


I was motivated to write this post because I was telling my husband recently, when BookLikes was down for hours (again) because everyone in Poland was freaking asleep, that even though most of us are also on GoodReads and/or LT, and we're all friends on those places, it's not the same at all.   I have no idea why this is, but I thought I'd take a moment to say that, in spite of all the BL bs we've all suffered through for the last few months I still love this place devotedly and it's because of all of you.


By even the most optimistic of statistics, I'm on the backside of life and this is the first time I've ever had anyone to talk about books with and it's pretty effing great.  Thank you, all of you.  My husband also thanks you; because of BL, he's spared my book review monologues.   ;-)


And because it's my party post, I wanted to celebrate!  So... I went through my friends list, chose people I've been following the longest and are active, and used the random number picker to choose three people (1 for each year):


Book Cupidity (a/k/a Grave Cupidity)

Bookstooge's Reviews On the Road and 

Whiskey in the Graveyard Likes to Haunt 


To you guys I'd like to gift you the book of your choice, up to $15US.  I wish I could buy every one of my friends a book to say Thanks for 3 awesome years, but honestly, if I had that kind of money, I'd be using it to build a better BookLikes; one that, you know, doesn't crash and communicates with its users.  ;)


If y'all PM me at your earliest convenience with your choice of book (or books if you catch a sale!), and your addresses (which I swear I do not keep), I'll get them ordered and sent. If you'd rather have ebooks, let me know and we'll figure it out.  If you're edition obsessed like I am, include an ISBN.  


Please God may BookLikes live long and prosper!!!