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A Killer Ball at Honeychurch Hall

A Killer Ball at Honeychurch Hall - Hannah Dennison

In an odd twist, the same humour that usually makes the books in this series so enjoyable is slowly starting to make them less so.


Kat and her mother have this weird, zany dynamic built on the premise that all Kat's life, while she thought her mother suffered debilitating migraines, she was locked in her room writing internationally best-selling romances.  Once she discovers her mother's secret life, she starts learning about all sorts of other stuff too, including a childhood spent in a travelling circus-type thing and previously unknown relatives.  Turns out mom's past is a tiny bit shady.


But after three books, the constant bickering and lying and concealment/discovery is getting old.   The lack of romantic movement between Kat and Shawn and the constant reappearance of David is tiresome.  The mood swings of the 'toffs' at Honeychurch Hall have become so wild I'm beginning to think someone ought to lace their drinking supply with lithium.


The mystery of A Killer Ball was interesting enough, but the ultimate solution was akin to something designed by a wildly imaginative 9 year old.  Or alternatively, it felt like the author forced a scenario to ensure it would catch readers by surprise. 


Still, I didn't flat line my rating because there were still a lot to enjoy; I love Harry and the Dowager Countess is a delightfully mouthy character most of the time.  The setting is brilliant too, and I was especially intrigued by the use of secret rooms and old maps.   I just wish Kat and her mother would grow up; there's plenty of humour here without relying on the two bickering biddies schtick.