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2016 Halloween Book Bingo Possibilities


I went through my TBR piles last night and today and pulled all the books that might qualify for one of the squares in our upcoming Halloween Bingo and ended up with these:



I'm a mood reader, so there's no guarantee that most of these will end up getting read; I might end up buying/checking out different stuff as I go.  


A few are definite:  Ammie, Come Home is a buddy read we're starting on September 1st (all still welcome!), and The Hound of the Baskervilles is another buddy read starting October 1st.  I have two titles in the pile that I'd be stupid not to use:  The Black Cat Knocks on Wood and A Dark and Stormy Murder - the bingo squares were practically made for them.


The Haunting of America is a non-fiction book about, of course, ghosts and haunted houses in the US.


I'm going to stick with drawing my bingo markers as I complete them.  When I asked MT if he had any stickers that were matt finished (the last ones were gloss and the ink didn't want to stick) he said, yes, but they were a "little" bigger, but he'd make it work.  When he brought home the bingo cards, mine was HUGE - because of course the way around stickers that are a "little" bigger is to make the card bigger.  I love it.  It's awesome; plus, it'll be easier to draw on bigger stickers.  :)