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Sometimes it's the little things...

This post is only going to mean anything to Americans and maybe those that have lived in America for any length of time.


Years ago I worked most processed food out of my diet; I've never been evangelical about it, but I have fun with trying to fill my garden only with edible plants, buying organic and/or local whenever I can find/afford it, and trying my hand at making 'convenience' foodstuffs (like taco seasoning).  Which means I don't feel a hint of guilt when I revel in processed food gloriousness.


Like today.  MT and I made our more-or-less annual pilgrimage to the USA Food store (he likes the hot sauces and I get random stuff, like 20 Mule Team Borax and Chex Mix) and they had (don't ask me how):



Omg, do you know how happy this makes me?  Aussies have no IDEA what a biscuit is (hint: NOT a cookie!) and I MISS biscuits y'all.  Yes, yes I could make them myself but come on, these are flaky layered goodness and crescent rolls!!  Only science could make this kind of yummy paradise.


I also bought Pop Tarts, but I got the unfrosted ones; that practically makes them health food!  ;-)