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Gone With the Witch (Wishcrafter, #6)

Gone With the Witch - Heather Blake

Eh.  Not the best of the bunch, but not bad either.  Lots of ongoing secrets are finally revealed: the biggie, the one that was probably meant to elicit the biggest shock (who is the Elder) was bleeding obvious to me, but the author still wrote it with enough sincerity that it could cause a few misty eyes.


The murder mystery plotting was not bad.  Not shocking but not hopelessly obvious. 


What was most disappointing was the amateur copy-editing.  Lots of missing words, making it obvious that edits weren't checked after they were made.  Poor performance from Obsidian/Penguin, but certainly not the first time.


Still an entertaining, fantastical, mystery series when you're looking for something both light and oftentimes deep.