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The Curse of Tenth Grave (Charley Davidson, #10)

The Curse of Tenth Grave - Darynda Jones

Ah, this is much better.  We're back in New Mexico, Charley's home and she has more than a couple of very cool cases.  She's owning who she is in a rather fabulous way; neither all good nor all bad and only either when it's necessary.


The only bee in my bonnet was the whole relationship let's-not-talk-about-what's-bothering-us trope, and it was followed up by what should have been a fabulous scene consisting of several pages of Charley and Reyes talking everything out and uh...other stuff.  In fairness, it was a good scene, but at that point I was itching to move the mythological story line along, so it was definitely my impatience, not Jones' failure.  On a side note, I'm totally going to use the Twister idea the next time my nieces are fighting (read the book; it's not as weird as it sounds).


Jones kept me waiting for the mythology, but when she delivered she delivered big.  Fascinating stuff, tons of reveals, although it seems she's going further than just stretching classical biblical mythology, using it instead as a springboard for a much larger polytheistic mythology of her own.  I think she's missed the point of Jehovah's true nature, but I'm still on board - I want to see if she'll take forgiveness as far as it actually goes.  Lots of good theological conversation starters here.


Can't wait for 11!