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And Then There Were Nuns (League of Literary Ladies, #4)

And Then There Were Nuns - Kylie Logan

All the secrets are out in this one; all the dancing around the past that Bea and her love interest, Levi, have been doing for three previous books comes to an end and the seltzer hits the fan, so to speak.


While this drama unfolds, Bea is helping out a neighbour in need by supplying meals to a group of 10 nuns staying on the island for a retreat, and one of Bea's closest friends starts acting oddly confrontational to the rest of the League of Literary Ladies.


Bea's having a rough week, but the most interesting part of the book is the mystery.  Perhaps it's my Catholic school history, but I can't believe you can go wrong with nuns.  There is so much ground for the busting of preconceived notions.  The only reason I didn't find the plotting perfect was the inevitability of the guilty party being attached to Bea; that was disappointing.


Chandra's reason for her weird behaviour was blatantly obvious from the beginning, so as a sub-plot it was a non-starter for me.  As for Bea and Levi - I didn't have any hopes of seeing a romantic interlude between them, so I wasn't disappointed.


A fun series I hope to see continued.