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Marked Masters (Bodies of Art Mystery, #2)

Marked Masters - Ritter Ames

A really fun, fast-paced action-adventure all about art with a female protagonist.  


BUT... as a Floridian, these are deal-breakers:


1. Houses in Orlando do not have basements.  They don't have cellars either.  What they'd have if they were stupid enough to try is a house in the middle of a swamp, so this is not an architectural quirk of Floridian style.  No basements.


2.  If you're in Miami and you're out on a boat, you're in the Atlantic Ocean, not the Gulf of Mexico. Or any other Gulf.  Seriously, look at a map next time you write a book; this is not an obscure fact.


Once I got past these egregious errors (I almost didn't) at the beginning, the story was fun.  Definitely not a deep or heavy read, but the art focus is a lot of fun and there are spies, and thieves and car chases and gadgets.


I'll read the next one, but I'm holding a grudge about the stupid errors.


(I'm using this one as my Read on Vacation square for Summer Book Bingo.)