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Two Ravens and One Crow

Two Ravens and One Crow - Kevin Hearne, Christopher Ragland

A really good, wholly contained short story that takes place between Tricked and... the one after Tricked.  I haven't read Tricked yet, but I had no problems following this novella at all. The author's website does say though, that events in this novella are pretty important in the next full-length book.


Atticus has to pay the piper for events that took place in Hammered and the Morrigan acts as a mediator and facilitator when it comes times to face down Odin himself and answer for his actions.  But things are interrupted when someone tries to assassinate Atticus and the mortal enemies must work together to chase down the assassin.


After a rather exciting chase, the action ends rather abruptly, but it is an excellent novella.  I listened to this one on audio and once again was stuck with Christopher Raglan as the narrator; fortunately I didn't have to listen to his bad Clint Eastwood impersonation since the story didn't involve Leif, but I was stuck with his idea of Oberon, which I've realised sounds like an impersonation of Peter Faulk playing Columbo with partial facial paralysis.


Curses to publishing houses everywhere that restrict audiobook editions by country.  Seriously... a pox on your ledger books.