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How many jellybeans? Boxes o'books contest! - WINNER!!!

Well, the contest deadline came and went thanks to BookLikes going walkabout today, but we do have a winner!


The total number of books in the boxes was 116, so

ELK's Library

wins with her guess of 114!!  Congratulations! 


And because I feel like it, I'm also awarding the lowest guess and the highest guess $25 worth of books each from BookDepository.  So -- SURPRISE! -- to 

Peregrinations and 

Darth Pony


If each of you will PM me your BookDepository book selections (please include ISBNs so I get you the right editions) and your mailing addresses, I'll order those for you poste haste.


Thanks to everyone who played!




My re-cataloguing project is done, and I have boxes of books ready to go to the library.  It seems a perfect time to do another "how many books?" contest.


Prize: $50USD worth of books from BookDepository*


Contest ends:  Friday, 10 June @ noon Australian Eastern Time.  



One guess per BookLiker.

First person to guess the number of books in the boxes without going over, wins.


* - BookDepository does not allow gift cards, which means the winner tells me what books they want, and I order them to send directly to them.  This means sharing your shipping address.  I promise not to stalk you or randomly rock-up to your house uninvited.  It's not as easy as a gift card, but BD ships for free pretty much everywhere in the world, so this allows me to include everyone.


3 boxes, filled tetris style with hardcovers of all sizes, paperbacks and mass market paperbacks.  Each box is filled with books (the bottoms are covered completely).  Boxes are produce boxes, 37cm/14.5 inches x 58 cm/22.5 inches.


How many books?:



Good luck!