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A Cursed Bloodline (Weird Girls #4)

A Cursed Bloodline - Cecy Robson

While BookLikes spent the day driving me into a panic by going down for many, many hours (never, ever do that again!!!) and leaving me with nothing to amuse myself while trapped in a boring day of work, I was forced to load up iBooks and fish around for a stray e-book to read.  I hate reading off a computer but desperate times and all that...


Anywhoo... I had this one sitting there since it first came out; I'd bought it because I'd read the rest of the series, but then ignored it because the 3rd book was unbelievably high in angst and drowning in its Romeo and Juliet aspirations and I was pretty sure this one would be worse.


I was not disappointed with my disappointment.  This was one long ode to romantic martyrdom and I skimmed a lot of it; there was only so much angst my already angsty self (thanks for that BL!) could take and Celia's story was one long "Woe is me!" soliloquy. There was a lot of action, but there are only so many fight scenes a person can read before they all blend together into one big arterial bleed.  I stuck with it because I really like Celia's sisters, a few of the weres, and Misha, the vampire.  And also, because I was just that bored.


I will not be reading another one.