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Alpine National Park

As I mentioned in a previous post, MT took me to the Alpine National Park for a few days this past weekend.  It was a great trip, with the nicest people imaginable wherever we went.  We spent one morning horseback riding; MT was initially very anxious about this but after the first canter, he was a convert (trotting wasn't so well received).


I added a few new checkmarks on my bird list but the most interesting by far was the Gang-Gang Cockatoo so those are the pics I thought I'd share - along with a butterfly we caught at rest on one of our hikes (which I believe is an Orange Alpine Xenica).  I included two of the male Gang-Gang because I loved the expression in the first pic and the second one is a more 'formal' shot.



This was my first outing with my new superzoom compact and it took a lot of great pics and it was tempting to bore you all spit-less, but suffice it to say I'm quite pleased with my pocket sized zoom.