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Faux Paw (Magical Cats, #7)

Faux Paw - Sofie Kelly

This is an example of a great cozy mystery series that makes the 'cute' factor work for it, instead of against it.  Owen and Hercules are definitely cats with magical gifts: there's no possibility of logical explanations when you have cats that can do what they can do.  But the author never takes it further, never tries to expand on the whys and wherefores; that might drive some readers nuts, but I like it and I think it's more authentic.


Aside from the cat magic, the rest of the book is firmly rooted on terra firma.  A hardworking MC with two hardworking best friends, a spectacular love interest who is spectacular because of his flaws instead of in spite of them, and an incredibly well plotted mystery with a fairly reasonable ending and no TSTL moments.  The writing is solid and always keeps me coming back for more.


I deducted 1/2 star because there were an overly large number of missing articles (especially 'a') throughout the copy and because I think the author started exploring something a bit with Gavin (not a love triangle) and it sort of fizzled mid-way, as though she lost control of it so just dropped it.  I'm just as glad she did really, but it did feel a bit unfinished.


Definitely a series I'm sticking with.