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2016: Goals (or the lack thereof)

I've been thinking about goals and challenges for next year this year for most of the month and all I've really come up with is a whole lot of nothing.  Right now my biggest goal is staying on my couch for as long as possible; possibly indefinitely.  I'd like to say I'm hungover from a big raucous night out, but that wouldn't be true.  The sad truth is that all we did was have a very nice dinner here at home with family, but because I stayed up much later than my normal sleep schedule, I'm absolutely worthless today.  


But back to goals and challenges.  I've decided not to do the PopSugar challenge this year.  2015's had a couple of entries that I knew I'd have no interest in (horror) but this year there are quite a few that leave me feeling ambivalent.  As effective as the challenge was for me at expanding my reading horizons, I'm just going to skip it this year.  I haven't seen any other challenges (yet) that get me excited either, so I'm just going to leave it be; if I see one later on that makes me go "ooooh" then I reserve the right to take it on.


I've set my reading goal to 175 again - mostly because, being the first day of the new year, I couldn't see last year's goal stats until I set a new goal and I couldn't be stuffed trying to logically figure out what my new goal should be - I just want to see last year's numbers, dammit!  175 is doable without being a gimme. 


I'm going to keep on with my 12 non-fiction books a year.  I seem to read those in fits and starts and 12 appears to be a respectable and still reachable goal.  Ditto with my re-read goal, although this year I've sworn to myself I'll be better about re-reading books I've not yet wrote anything about.


An un-official goal is to try to find more forgotten classics; this year I discovered authors like Nancy Mitford, Angela Thirkell and Emily Eden.  I'm not going to bind myself to a number, but I'm going to look at more of the works by these women and search out some works by their contemporaries (Barbara Pym to start).


Just to keep this year from being an exact replica of last, I'm going to try to participate in the read-a-thon that stars on the 4th and use that as a way to try to jump start the year and churn through the pile of paperbacks I have accumulating everywhere.