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Maybe he doesn't want to play...

As we do every morning (when we're not working) we open our sliding back doors first thing and let the cats spill out into the back garden.  This morning we found Carlito on the pergola like this:



I looked around but didn't see anything, and as Carolito (god bless him) is given to starting at nothing for hours, I went on my merry way and started gardening around the side of the house.


MT came up to me about an hour later and said "Guess what Carlito found"... and sure enough, when I looked in the right place, this little guy was peeking back out at me as if to say "oh please, please make him go away so I can sleep!"



Luckily for us all, Carlito is a great spotter and a horrible hunter, but he would not leave that spot all day, so I suspect poor little possum is going to be looking for new digs that don't include voyeuristic felines.