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Trick or Deceit (Celebration Bay mystery, #4)

Trick or Deceit - Shelley Freydont

I enjoy this series; it has strong characters and usually, strong murder plotting.  The MC has a legitimate reason to find herself involved in the mysteries if the reader buys into the premise of a small-town employing an event planner to create tourist attracting events year 'round.


There's something of a love triangle set up in this series, but it isn't actually an active one, which somehow makes it easier to put up with.  The MC finds herself attracted to two men: Chaz, the editor of the small paper, and A.K., the head of the private security company that assists the sheriff's office during the festivals.  There's no actual competition, no dating (so far), no seriously flirtatious moments.  I'd really rather there not even be this setup, but it is easier to take than the typical two men posturing for the woman's attention setup.


The mystery in this one was pretty easy;  I spotted the killer fairly early on and the motivation was somewhat obvious.  Still, it kept my attention and it was a fun read themed for Halloween.