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Get a Clue

Get A Clue - Jill Shalvis

Every once in awhile I pick up a romance and give it a try, because I'm sure as popular as the genre is there must be some out there I'll enjoy.  I'd been meaning to try Jill Shalvis' work for awhile when I was doing some librarian work and stumbled across Get a Clue.  It seemed perfect for me to try: a romance built around a murder mystery in the middle of a snow storm.


Verdict:  Eh, so-so.  I liked all the characters a lot, the mystery was actually pretty good, the setting fantastically created.  The sex scenes were steamy.  But the main character, Breanne... I got thoroughly tired of reading her declarations of "no more men" while simultaneously jumping into Cooper's arms, or bed, or climbing him like a tree, or pulling him into a convenient closet.  I have a low tolerance for hypocrisy and she was drowning in it.  


I'll definitely read Ms. Shalvis' work again though; there was definitely enough to like to try again.