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Mass DNF'ing...

Nightmares Can Be Murder - Mary Kennedy The Wedding Soup Murder - Rosie Genova Death of a Crabby Cook - Penny Pike

I started reading Nightmares Can be Murder and I lost the will to go on.  It just didn't work for me at all and nothing about it peaked my interest.


I started reading The Wedding Soup Murder but grandma is such a mean old bat I just wanted the MC to throw the meatballs at her.


I looked at Death of a Crabby Cook and just couldn't even open the cover - the idea of starting it made me want to go scrub the grout in my shower.


I'm not rating them because I never got out of chapter 1 for any of them.  They might be just the ticket for quite a few people - I just can't do it myself.


This wraps up my first round of TBR cozy purging.  I think it went much better than last year's effort and I might try it again with a few others next month.


Now to find something fun to read...