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Mort (Discworld #something-or-other)

Mort  - Terry Pratchett

I really, really liked this book, my introduction to Pratchett's work.  But in a twist of my usual feelings after most of the fiction I read, I liked the writing far more than I liked the characters.


Pratchett can write - I'm not telling most people anything they don't already know - but reading the words as he arranges them on the page is a joy; effortless and hilarious.


But... with the exception of Death himself, I found myself not really connecting with the characters or the story.  I liked Mort a lot, but I didn't feel his angst, nor did I feel Keli's melancholy or indignation.  I don't really know what I was supposed to get from Ysabelle, but she just felt rather lifeless to me (ha!) although I did really enjoy her repartee with Mort in the garden.  As for the story, I never felt the tension over Mort's lapse of judgement so the climax ended up feeling disjointed for me.


But I really didn't care about any of that because I just loved reading the words as he wrote them.  I did deduct 1/2 a star because I hated, hated the scene at the beginning with the barrel of water in the alley, but that's my personal trigger issue.


My library has a lot more of this talented man's work and when I can look at my TBR pile again without worrying about it smothering me like a bad hoarding catastrophe, I might go check some of them out - if they are written as well as this one, I don't think I can go wrong.



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