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Platypus love...

So, I got to play with a platypus today:



Words don't actually exist for just how incredible this was.  I never considered I'd see a platypus in my lifetime - never mind getting into the water and playing with one.  She was beyond cute: she was playful and sweet and she wanted nothing more than to cuddle up in your hands and get belly scratches.  She even kicked her back leg when you found just the right spot.  If you're curious, this link is for a 3 second video of her doing just that:




Healesville Sanctuary was the first in the world to offer this.  The platypus (Kuni) was rescued as a baby and they couldn't release her back into the wild with any confidence of her survival, so she was raised by the keeper who noticed she was unusually social and friendly, and this program was born.  The experience was a birthday/christmas gift from my brother/sister-in-law but I'm going to go again as soon as I can.  It was worth every single minute.