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Angel At Troublesome Creek (Augusta Goodnight, #1)

Angel At Troublesome Creek - Mignon F. Ballard

A cute mystery about a woman at the end of her rope - literally.  The opening scene is of our MC Mary George, trying to hang herself.  But the rope is old and frayed and snaps before it can do much more than scratch up her neck - and the sleeping pills tasted like garlic and she didn't have enough gas in her car to do more than stink up the garage.  Mary George has just been dumped, fired from her job, and has just lost her aunt to a suspicious fall down the stairs - leaving behind enough debts that Mary G is forced to sell the only home she remembers.


Enter Augusta Goodnight, a guardian angel sent to give Mary G the encouragement she needs to pick herself up and rebuild her life.  No platitudes, just pragmatic advice, and lots of dancing.


This book charmed me the first time and has entertained me each time I've re-read it.  It's a slim volume, so it's a fast read.  In spite of Mary George's Very Bad Day, she's not a Mary Sue in any sense - she's strong, kind, and doesn't take crap from anybody.  The mystery was cleverly done too; I've read it too many times to really know if it's an easy solve or not, but I continue to enjoy it even now that I know who the killer is.


A charming book without being sappy or sentimental or emotionally gloppy.