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Razing the Dead (Museum Mystery, #5)

Razing the Dead - Sheila Connolly

Easily the best work by this author I've read yet.


I've always found these characters slightly more relatable than those of her other series, but this book was just that tiny bit better again.  I actually cared about Nell and James and I enjoyed the moments in this book where they figured out how to move forward.  Nell had a big "awakening" moment towards the end that didn't work for me; it felt too melodramatic, but it was a small bump in an otherwise very consistent book.


The mystery was a good one and easy to care about; this wan't a hated man who had lots of enemies, and he wasn't a rabble-rouser looking for a fight against big business.  Sort of skews the cozy-mystery expectations by not handing the reader a slew of suspects.  The plot is also tied into historical events of the area, and even though the twist was telegraphed earlier than I'd bet the author intended, it wasn't so early on I enjoyed the story less.


I've sort of stuck with this series (I long ago gave up on her Orchard series) because of the museum/history setting and now I feel like it has paid off.  I'm hoping her next book is at least as good as this one.