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Lethal Letters (Books By The Bay Mystery, #6)

Lethal Letters - Ellery Adams

A series that has been picking up steam with each new book.  Lethal Letters is #6 and the characters have found their groove.  The MC, Olivia started out regarded as an ice queen by both her neighbors and the readers, but she's become friendlier and more human; she has a solid group of friends around her and family members she's only just discovered.


A time capsule discovered in a church wall is the impetus behind the mystery and the murder in Lethal Letters.  The result of exposing buried secrets is tragic and a bit heartbreaking.  The author goes a bit - just a bit - darker with the motivations here than you'd find in your average cozy of late and the result was a better-than-average read.  I might have gone 4.5 stars but Olivia's introspections run a little close to platitudes to feel authentic; I often felt the author was just trying too hard to show Olivia was thinking deep thoughts.


The murder plot isn't cleverly plotted or twisty but I don't think it was meant to be; there's a question as to whether or not a crime was even committed, but if it was a crime there was really only a few suspects.  More than a murder mystery, the plot was about long buried secrets and the lengths people will go to keep them from being exposed.