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Blood Magick (Book 3, The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy)

Blood Magick - Nora Roberts

Meh.  Chalk it up to a over-dose of Nora Roberts a few months ago, or to the fact that Branna was never my favourite of the characters; either way, this one wasn't quite as good as the first two.


I almost gave myself whiplash from overly violent eye-rolling during the first two chapters (the ones that take place several hundred years ago, when the plot of the books began).  I don't care how attuned you are with your siblings, how close you are to each other, there's only so much spontaneous rhyming any two people can do at the same time, speaking as one.  Make it three people, and forget it - never going to happen.


The rest of the book happens in 2013 and it's not as sappy and rhyme-time, although there's a fair bit of verse as they spell their way through the holidays and prepare for the final showdown.  The ending was never in question, it was always going to be a HEA.  Which is why I picked up the first book anyway.  It felt like there was less action in this final book and a lot more attempts at grand-romance of the true confession kind.  More fantasy, less pragmatism.


A floating bed in the middle of the south pacific - really?!

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The romance was ok - while Branna wasn't my favourite character, I did always like Fin so I thought the romance worked, it just didn't work as well for me as it would have if I had really liked both characters.


I closed this book happy that the trilogy was complete.  Not sorry I read it, but not sorry there isn't more, either.