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Book review blackout...

Confession:  I wasn't going to participate in the book review/blogger blackout.  NOT because I don't support it.  I do in every way possible.  It's NEVER ok to stalk someone and generally it's only ok to harass the phone companies.


I can't say that there is a specific reason why I was inclined not to participate except that I generally don't:  I'll read everything and I'll make a note to not to buy an author's books but I almost never engage.  To engage in any way often feels to me like I'm giving them exactly what they want.  Attention.  I'm a contrary person so I'm apt to do the opposite of what is expected.  I also think that often, the only way to win is not to play, and I really like winning.


But it is important that people know what's going on.  There's a fine line between informing the public and feeding the beast and those of you that speak out and speak passionately are the reason I, at least, even have the least idea of what's going on (I don't get out much).  Most importantly, if this is to work is requires the participation of everyone and in this case not playing means losing.


So starting now, I won't post another review until 30 October.  I don't know what the hell I'm going to post instead, but hopefully whatever it is won't bore you to tears or overshare.  Cat pictures and pictures of my library might be involved.  If I get desperate, there might be pictures of chickens, but I'll try to spare you.


Just to kick things off:


(Boris - who would have celebrated a birthday this week.  1995-2010)