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Justice Hall (Mary Russell Mystery, #6)

Justice Hall (Audio) - Jenny Sterlin, Laurie R. King

Justice Hall is possibly - maybe -  my favourite Mary Russell book to date.  It didn't start that way, but by the end I was sad to leave the Hall and its inhabitants.  I was ambivalent about Mahmoud and Ali in O Jerusalem so their re-appearance didn't thrill me at the beginning of Justice but by the end I was quite attached and found them endearing.  I also loved Iris; I'd love to see her pop-up again in future books.  As always, I could have used more Sherlock.


As I write this, I find myself downgrading my review from 4.5 to 4 stars, because as I look back on it, the mystery itself, the whodunit plot, felt awkward.  By the end, it sort of felt like the author just randomly chose the villain to keep the solution from being obvious from the beginning.  The wrap up at the end also left a lot of loose threads:  were there any consequences, good or bad, for the Darlings?  They seemed to have just disappeared, and I'd have liked to have known more about how the changes affected them.


But overall, it was a fantastic story of the murder-at-the-English-country-estate type.  The WWI letters were heartbreaking and difficult to listen to; the author certainly had to have done some extraordinary research to achieve this level of verisimilitude.


I'm looking forward to staring the next one on audio (although I'm taking a break for a Halloween season audio).