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Marked Down for Murder (Good Buy Girls, #4)

Marked Down for Murder - Josie Belle

Good-bye Good Buy Girls.


I felt like an adult reading a Nancy Drew book while I was reading this.  That seems a bit unfair to Nancy Drew though.  More accurately, the writing feels like it's geared towards 4/5th grade reading comprehension levels.


The MC shows a greater maturity in this book than she did in the first two and I've grown to like her and her friends.  I just don't like the writing style and here's the thing: Josie Bell is a pseudonym for Jenn McKinlay who writes three other series; all of them very skilfully.  In fact I doubt anyone would recognise this writing as coming from the same pen/keyboard those other three series come from.


The mystery plot was... adequate.  It was obvious that something was hinky in the hospital (and no, that's not really a spoiler because everyone spends a LOT of time at the hospital in this one), but the murderer wasn't right under the reader's nose the entire time either, so it could be debated whether or not the killer was telegraphed early on in the book.


Regardless, I spent a lot of time in the last couple of chapters yelling "Oh give me a break!" at the book - and if I had to read about the MC wallowing in "babies: does he or doesn't he?" angst for one more page the book was going to achieve terminal velocity. 


This book and its three siblings are off the shelves and into the giveaway box.  I'll stick with the books Ms. McKinlay is willing to put her real name on.